The goal is that by 2025, 60% of our local work-force will have a high-quality credential or college degree.


How does Central Florida rank in degree attainment?

Florida ranks only 30th out of 50 states for degree attainment in the United States. Central Florida also lags behind in degree attainment, ranking only 16th of the 25 largest metropolitan statistical areas. In order to reach Goal 2025, we will need to increase the attainment rate by 20% for Central Florida residents.


A Look at Degree Attainment Rates

Source: Prepared by the Florida College Access Network (May 2015): U.S. Census Bureau (2013), degree attainment and population figures are based on American Community survey estimates. Degree attainment rate represents percent of working-age adults (25-64) with an associate’s degree or higher.

How does central florida compare in FAFSA Completion Rates?

As of 2015, less than half of all high school seniors in the state of Florida filled out the FAFSA. This is compared to a national average of 56%, ranking Florida 40th among all states.

FAFSA completion varies from 37% to 44% in the tri-county area, well below state and national averages, and in some cases is even lower than the previous year.


A Look at FAFSA Completion Rates

Source: Prepared by the Florida College Access Network’s FAFSA Finish Line (2015): FAFSA Finish Line Data map figures based on the U.S. Department of Education Central Processing System (2013-14) FAFSA submission and completion data for 12th graders.